14. Internationales Branchenforum für Frauen | IBF 2017

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Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017
Block a: HOLZBAU_neue Organisationsmodelle und Geschäftsfelder

leanWOOD - optimierte Planungsprozesse für den vorgefertigten Holzbau
Sandra Schuster, TU München, München (DE)

leanWOOD Project Meeting Munich 2017

Team leanWOOD in front of the Technische Universität München

The project partners met to exchange the planned contributions to the final report.
Further they discussed the goals and the findings of the project.

22. Internationales Holzbau-Forum | IHF 2016

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Mittwoch, 7.Dezember 2016 - Auftaktveranstaltung
IHF - Prolog III

Planungskultur für den Holzbau – leanWOOD
Wolfgang Huß, TU München/ Hochschule Augsburg (DE)
Vom Bauteam zum Holzbau-Totalunternehmer – alternative Vergabemodelle
Sonja Geier, Hochschule Luzern, Luzern (CH)
Der Holzbauingenieur – die prozessoptimierende Schnittstelle
Stefan Zöllig, Timbatec Holzbauingenieure, Thun (CH)
Prozesse und Schnittstellen in einer Planungsstruktur
Frank Lattke, lattkearchitekten, Augsburg (DE)

World Conference on Timber Engineering 2016

Presentations of leanWOOD:

Conference presentation and proceedings publication / le Roux S. K., Bannier F., Bossanne E., Stieglmeier M, "Investigating the interaction of building information modelling and lean construction in the timber industry", In: WCTE 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering August 22-25 2016 Vienna Austria  

Conference presentation and proceedings publication / Lattke F., Hernandez-Maetschl S., "leanWood – advancing performance of design teams in timber construction", In: WCTE 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering August 22-25 2016 Vienna Austria  

Conference presentation and proceedings publication / Geier S., Huß W. “New procurement and cooperation models for planning + execution of timber buildings – case studies and visions” In: WCTE 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering August 22-25 2016 Vienna Austria


leanWOOD Project Meeting Munich 2016

leanWOOD Project Meeting Zurich 2016

Team leanWOOD at Demonstration Project Multifunction building Kalkbreite Zurich

The project partners met to exchange the latest research results.

The meeting also offered the opportunity to visit 2 Swiss Demonstration projects and to discuss with the architets and timber construction engineers.

leanWOOD Conference at Swissbau January 13th 2016

Stefan Zöllig Timbatec at his leanWOOD lecture

The Swissbau was the frame for a seminar block at the most important Swiss construction fair Swissbau 2016. The event took place on January 13th 2016 under the organisation of Holzbau Schweiz. Stefan Zöllig  (Timbatec), Sonja Geier (Hochschule Luzern) and Frank Lattke (lattkearchitekten) allowed the audience an insight to recent research work.

Please find more detailed information here: 


Workshop 'Planung im Holzbau' in Flums Switzerland with important input to the project

Participants (beginning from left): Sonja Geier, Stefan Zöllig, Johannes Kaufmann, Enrico Uffer, Konrad Merz, Marco Thomas, Alexander Gumpp, Frank Lattke, Ralph Schläpfer, Franz Kainz, Stefan Müller, Marco Affolter, Sebastian Hernandez, Wolfgang Huß

The workshop helped to clarifiy the professional perspectives of the participant planners and timber manufacturers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Potenzials, challenges and solutions regarding future procurement models and optimation of the planning processes were discussed intensly.

The documentation of the workshop is kept confidential until the proper publication of the results.

Expert workshop Swizerland - Austria - Germany June 25th 2015

'Who does what when - and how?' is the key question in the expert workshop which will take place in Flums in Switzerland. Timber manufacturers, architects and timber engineers of  high relevance will give their input and discuss first results of the project.

Project Meeting Helsinki June 1/2nd 2015

Matrix wall during workshop

The third project meeting of leanWOOD with all research partners and some industrial and SME partners took place in Helsinki. A main focus of the meeting was placed in the analysis of demonstrations projects in all participating countries.

Beside presentations and discussion a visit of PuuMera, one of the Finnish Demo projects, was organized.

Next project meeting is planned for January 2016 in Switzerland

leanWOOD on TUM.wood Conference Febr. 5th 2015

Hermann Kaufmann presenting leanWOOD

As one main topic of the conference barriers and risks for timber construction were discussed. An urgent need for tools to simplify the planning process in timber construction was recognized as a central challenge. In this context the general goals of the project were highlighted.

leanWOOD Kick-off Meeting Hohenbercha June 4th 2015

Research team of leanWOOD

The meeting took place at the hotel Apfelgarten in Hohenbercha near Munich, among architects well known for its timber construction. The interfaces of the work packages and the general focus were the main topics of the discussions.